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Are You A Candidate?
There are a number of widely accepted criteria which make a patient suitable for Bariatric or weight loss surgery:

  • Weight greater than 45kg above the ideal body weight for sex, and height.
  • BMI > 40 alone or >35.
  • Associated with an obesity illness , such as diabetes or sleep apnoea.
  • Previous attempts at other weight loss methods including diet and/or drugs.
  • Obesity related health illnesses.
  • No psychiatric or drug dependency problems.
  • A capacity to understand the risks and commitment associated with the surgery.


There is considerable flexibility in these guidelines. Sometimes a lower BMI between 30-35 is accepted if comorbidities exist.

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What are the risks of surgery?

These are risks that are associated with any operation. There is a risk to life with this surgery which will be discussed. More specifically these are some of the recognised risks of surgery: bleeding, splenectomy (removal of the spleen), pain, fever, thrombophlebitis, blood clots, pneumonia, atelectasis, wound problems, infection,  intra-abdominal abscess, leaks, pancreatitis, ventral hernia, small bowel obstruction, vitamin and salt problems, hair loss, depression, mood swings, vomiting, diarrhoea and various neuropathies.

We take many precautions to avoid these complications. You will realise by our team approach and early mobilisation how we try to minimise these risks to you. If you smoke you should stop; this will help before and after surgery.

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How will I feel after a sleeve gastrectomy?
The weight loss occurs primarily over the first 12 months. At first there is a large restrictive component but as the stomach recovers it should be possible to eat 3 small meals a day. For the first 3 weeks after surgery the diet is pureed; this is followed by a soft diet. By 6 months most people can eat about a quarter of their previous meals